Go production faster

When new ideas have shelf life of a banana, time to market can be the difference between making it or breaking it. With SAYMON Platform, your customers can experience your digital presence in dramatically shorter time. Have a copy of the platform with your system integrator or your own dev team and deploy cloud service in days, not months or years. Call or email us if you need our help! We can revamp your legacy IT-services to run in a more predictable way, using modern tech stack.

Rely on the core

SAYMON was initially developed for telecom carriers, with fault resistance in mind. It is rock solid, thoroughly tested and feature rich. All the Platform's micro-service components scale horizontally as well as vertically. You will get your own cloud engine to run services for you customers and connect your IoT components to.

Full set of up-to-date technologies out of the box

Information and communication technologies are growing and changing business landscape every day. We created a modular system which combines all of the current technologies in one system. It combines real-time data processing and long-term data storage. This open, modular design allows replacing parts of the system with advanced software or hardware without impacting the rest of the system. The platform has been used by large carriers and is mature enough to serve any business. The platform is proven by multiple production implementations supporting today's large profitable businesses.

ICT and IoT working together

SAYMON Platform employs object-oriented approach to describing any entity it manages. This opens the door for a broad range of heterogenous applications with a generalized IT/ICT and IoT infrastructure. It's relatively easy to build Industry 4.0, IoT-Health or Electronic trade consumer services with SAYMON.

Put your analytics on top

Managing big, or sometimes even small, infrastructure of items with a rich set of measurable features creates a lot of data. SAYMON captures them in object oriented tree graph and subsequently, stores them in a time-series database. That enables further engagement of statistical and AI ML/DML techniques for data analysis and data mining. Use SAYMON’s open APIs to reach current and historical data and meta-data and build your own algorithms and AI on top.

Main Features

  • Object Model
  • Hierarchies and Tags
  • TimeSeries Metrics Storage
  • Real-time Web 2.0
  • Mobile App iOS, Android
  • Open API


  • Data source
  • Web and apps
  • Backend engines
  • Suggest extension
  • Vote suggestions
  • Take a lead in suggestion implementation