Product description

SAYMON Netmap is a software extension for SAYMON platform. That allows customers to visualise infrastructure map as a graph. In a wide meaning this works for any kind of infrastructure. In our days it is right to say for digital infrastructures.

To be more specific, we would be loved to see applince in:

  • network visualisation, including dynamic routing protocols and sla-control
  • voip service infrastructure visualisation
  • storage area network visualisation
  • virtualisation infrastructure visualisation
  • data-centers and data-channels infrastructures
  • energy network visualisation

This list is not finished for sure. The Netmap of SAYMON is also great for people, companies, countries and economics relations visualisation.

Based on SAYMON, SAYMON Netmap and you own data-sources you can build up almost any kind of system viualisation. Even if you want to viualisate and understand humanbody parts relationship and inter-affect.

Current version: 4.0

  • Add Hierarchical Edge visualisation

Version 3.0

  • Keep tree open through page reload functionality
  • Selected object highlight in the objects tree
  • Real-time information update – COMET connectivity transport
  • Tree and graph real-time status update with COMET information arrival
  • Add more properties visualisation in an object/link card
  • Periodic session refresh, 60 sec by default

Version 2.0

  • Auth is added to SPA engine, so login screen and exit button in user interface
  • Link card is added, so you can click both graph node object and link on graph now
  • Multi-link visualisation on graph is added
  • Links are listed in the tree to represent state escalation clearly
  • Single objects click in tree is disabled to avoid false visualisation
  • Graph visualisation enhanced to use whole space of the screen available
  • Graph nodes drag-n-drop removed

Initial version is 1.0

  • Objects tree
  • Network graph visualisation
  • Object details card – last three states, ip address property and remote access initiation
  • Graph node click support to show the card


Contact for approbation

Please mail to if you would like to try this on your infrastructure.

We also publish short videos and description in Instagram .
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