The IPMI module is an extension to the SAYMON platform.

The term IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface.
IPMI interfaces are implemented on the majority of professional server-class equipment, data storage systems, switching and routing systems (network equipment). A distinctive feature of IPMI is that it is an interface to the device that lies below the operating system. IPMI is supported by a special controller independent of the operating system and the motherboard of the device, which, in particular, allows you to work with a computer machine even when it is turned off.

The SAYMON IPMI software module allows you to organise and maintain:

  • Continuous automatic discovery of new devices in the control network
  • Automatically collect device configuration, including information about hardware components, software microcode versions and device serial numbers
  • Automatically collect information about the state and changing parameters of the components
  • Manage the power supply of the device through the user and software interfaces of the SAYMON

The module provides functions:

  • Equipment inventory (technical accounting)
  • Placement of equipment in the database of configuration items (BDKE or CMDB) built into the complex
  • Fault management
  • As part of the SAYMON monitoring platform, the IPMI module provides the ability to implement all processes of operational support and operation of equipment and systems supported by equipment.

The IPMI module finds devices (computers, storage and switching systems) in the range of IP addresses specified in the settings, polls them and creates the corresponding logical objects in the SAYMON platform. The module has the ability to re-detect at a specified frequency. The module takes readings of the devices operation and writes them to the information arrays of the SAYMON platform. The measurement frequency is adjustable and differs from the auto-detection frequency.

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