SAYMON CAS Incidents


This is the alternate UI to work with alarms generated by SAYMON.


Ssh to your SAYMON instance and navigate to the extensions folder. By default it is:

cd /opt/saymon-extensions/

Download demo version package:


Unpack it with a command:

sudo tar -xvf cas-incidents.tar.gz

Set permissions for the files and folders:

sudo chown root:root -R cas-incidents
sudo chmod +r -R cas-incidents

Copy configuration file from example:

sudo cp cas-incidents/config.js.example cas-incidents/config.js

Add Comet address (or addresses) of your SAYMON instance to the configuration file like this:

sudo nano cas-incidents/config.js

var config = { 
	title: "CAS Incidents",
	ws_servers: [

Check installation by navigating your browser to the extensions’ list:


or to the SAYMON CAS Incidents directly:



To uninstall extension ssh to your SAYMON instance and navigate to the extensions folder. By default it is:

cd /opt/saymon-extensions/

Remove extension’s files and folders:

rm -rf cas-incidents

Check extensions’ list by navigating your browser to:


Release notes

2023/09/20 – v.3 – Objects Tree and Objects Graph

  • Added Objects Tree to the filters panel on the left.
  • Added Show On Graph option for alarms (available in the context menu of the alarm and in Alarm Details tab).
  • Reveal the object in the Objects Tree by clicking it in a Graph.
  • Filter alarms ‘by parent object‘ with the context menu of any object in the Objects Tree.
  • Get any object details with the context menu in the Objects Tree.
  • Added sound notification for new alarms (can be disabled in your browser settings).
  • Possibility to add several comments for the alarm.
  • Page refreshing is fixed finally.

2023/03/31 – v.2 – Profiles

  • Added custom user profiles to switch filters and table representation with a single click.
  • Added “Delete all profiles and reset settings” option to the settings menu.
  • Object name in the alarm details is clickable and opens SAYMON Singe Node view in a separate browser tab to get more info about object’s history and metrics.
  • Severity filter now uses “name” instead of “id”.
  • Predefined severity filters in the left pane show custom severity levels defined on your SAYMON instance.

2023/02/17 – v.1-beta

  • Initial release with alarm list.