SAYMON v.3.13.87

In this release:

UI improvements:

  • added buttons to show numbers “as-is” and leading zeros to the “Counter” widget;
  • added “Timeout” parameter to custom probes;
  • added the comment chain for active alarms;
  • changed design of the “Yes/No” switch;
  • added the ability to enable or disable metrics on multigraphs.
  • you can now export standard view of objects as PDF;
  • added the stat history table;
  • added the automatic update of the name and properties of Host objects generated with the autodiscovery mechanism.
  • standardized the behavior of edited fields. Every field that used to automatically apply changes, now requires a press of a “Save” or “Apply” button.
  • user’s Activity log moved to a separate tab;
  • when you apply state change conditions to a class, the list of objects whose state change conditions will not be overridden is now displayed in the popup.
  • users can now set Display name in user configuration.

Server improvements:

  • improved user passwords encryption – now passwords are encrypted with the bcrypt password-hashing function;
  • improved the performance of selecting the incident from history by its parent object;