SAYMON v.3.15.90

In this release:

UI improvements:

  • you can now hide columns of the event log with the hideColumns request parameter;
  • embedded graph widget was updated. The following functionality was added:
    • search bar in the metrics selector;
    • data table for the selected graph;
    • export to CSV button;
    • exported PDF file now has all currently displayed table data.
  • added new object controls to the main toolbar:
    • “Add here” function;
    • “Move here” function.
  • “Period” field in the Monitoring section now displays the default value;
  • you can now sort table view by time and duration;
  • “Active to” field is hidden for Keycloak and LDAP users;
  • states in tables are now sorted by their priority.

Server improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • fixed an issue that led to an incorrect data being saved in an object after adding a graph;
  • fixed an issue that prevented the “duration” condition from working when analyzing multiple metrics.