Netmap 4.0

Here we are with SAYMON Netmap 4.0!

The SAYMON platform enables system integrators and digital companies to create solutions for specific business requirements.

At the south end, it can be IP network, VoIP infrastructure, SAN, metals or virtualized resources and services. In the north – Web 2.0 or Mobile Apps of certain logic.

SAYMON supports many options for object hierarchies. You can have hundreds of thousands of objects in your infrastructure. Objects can be linked by links. Links can be of the nature of media or represent logical information exchange. Links and objects can have an associated health-check method. Authorized users can define good/bad condition criteria as well as provide additional information such as address or person in charge. Both human-centered web interface and automation APIs are available to manage all of this.

Netmap is one of the web applications for the northern part of SAYMON.

Netmap 4.0 supports visualization of hierarchical boundaries and network graphics. Hierarchical Edge is a new version 4 killer feature. Netmap is useful for duty teams, network and service operations centers, as well as system architects and team leaders.

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